Volunteers Needed!

These glamorous, dynamic positions also sit on the PTA Executive Board, so you will be IN THE KNOW and at the center of the action. If you’d like to fill one of these essential positions, or if you know someone who would, please contact PTA president Cori Lucas at cori@franklinpta.org or PTA co-president Nancy Walker at […]

Measure I Comes to Franklin

Remember Measure I, that enormous school bond we helped pass in 2015? Well, Franklin’s turn is finally coming! We’re starting our two-year period of planning and construction—approximately $3 million for improvements! And we need YOUR input to make sure we do it right. Franklin needs interested parents and teachers to look at what was initially […]

Franklin Morning Drop-Off

As you glide through your morning drop-off routine here at Franklin, you may not be aware that you are part of the premier morning drop-off program in the Alameda Unified School District. “This school has become the model that other schools are looking at,” said Heather Little, Franklin’s Morning Drop-Off Coordinator. “We do it best […]

Franklin Heritage Night

One of the wonderful things about America, and about the Bay Area in particular, is that almost all of us have family origins that started someplace else. That’s an incredible blend of backgrounds, cultures, and cuisine. To celebrate this diversity, and to learn about cultures around the world, Franklin is hosting Heritage Night on Monday, […]

Introducing…Ms. Cohen!

When Franklin Elementary needed a new teacher for the 4th grade, she turned out to be just about in our own backyard! Eva Cohen has lived in Alameda, blocks from Franklin Elementary, for almost 15 years. Ms. Cohen had been a fifth grade teacher in Richmond since she got her credential, and when she saw that […]

Measure A (Parcel Tax) Renewal Campaign

Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Superintendent Sean McPhetridge had a clear message about the importance of renewing the school-supporting Measure A parcel tax this fall: “Don’t screw up a good thing.” McPhetridge and Sarah Olaes, Chair of the Parcel Tax Renewal Committee, spoke to the Franklin PTA on May 9 about the upcoming renewal campaign […]

Disclosure of Students’ Personal Information

What is this about? A federal judge has required that California public school students’ personal information be turned over to a parent group suing the California Department of Education for failing to provide appropriate services to children with disabilities. To prove their claims, the plaintiffs have received permission for their attorneys and consultants to view the information of about […]

Extreme Makeover: Franklin Edition

Franklin is a great school in so many ways—the teachers, the community, the quality of education. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it looked great, too? Former Franklin PTA President Page Tomblin is leading the effort to give Franklin a makeover. She’s been talking to Alameda Unified School District staff about maintenance issues such as doors […]