Let’s Go Way Back: The November PTA Meeting Replay

Cori and Nancy

The Spotlight has been on hiatus since November, so read here to find out what you missed way back at that most recent PTA meeting.

The November PTA meeting kicked off with a budget approval, adding a bit of money to help pay off the final debt of the very successful Measure B-1 campaign as well as for a new Franklin Diversity Committee.

Franklin Diversity Committee
Franklin parent Athena Xenakis has stepped up to chair a diversity committee here at Franklin.

The Diversity Committee will focus on making sure all Franklin families feel welcome and supported and to highlight the rich variety of backgrounds and cultures here at Franklin.

PTA members discussed ideas for a unity project at the school, such as a handprint mural or fence ribbons that reflect how each student hopes to create peace in the world. The PTA is also hoping to recruit some bilingual Franklin parents, particularly those who speak Cantonese or Spanish, to volunteer to help translate for some of the families in our community who are still learning English.

If you’re interested in being part of the Diversity Committee, please contact volunteers@franklinpta.org.

Everyone belongs here!

Everyone Belongs Here
Many of you turned out the Monday morning after the presidential election to welcome families to school after racist graffiti was discovered at Edison Elementary.

It was a beautiful moment, and the PTA wants to make sure that spirit of inclusion continues. To that end, we’ll be considering how the Franklin PTA can support the district’s “Everyone is Welcome Here” campaign.

Auction News
If you don’t already have it on your calendars, this year’s auction will be held Saturday, April 22 at the Albert H. DeWitt Officers’ Club (the O’Club) on the old naval base here in Alameda.

These noble parents have already answered the call to support the Franklin Auction for the 2016-17 school year:

  • Emily-Anne Schulte will be chair of the online auction
  • Alissa Bell will be her backup
  • Mary Brune will be helping with data entry
  • Patrick Bell will be our DJ

Teachers’ Report
Franklin staff thanked the PTA for the breakfast hosted by Faiza Flores and Ashley Luellen, chairs of the Teacher Appreciation Committee. They also offered thanks for Spooktacular, the Walk-a-Thon, the Walk-a-Thon parties, and especially for the Blended Learning professional development.

The Next Big PTA Project
The PTA will survey parents and teachers to find out what they’d like to see at Franklin.

In addition, Franklin will get more information about when and how Measure I (the school improvement bond) funds will be spent at Franklin, and how much money Franklin can expect for our Blended Learning Innovative Plan moving forward.

We’ll discuss this further at the next PTA meeting on Monday, February 13. In the meantime, if you have any great ideas, send them to cori@franklinpta.org or nancy@franklinpta.org.

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