Measure I Comes to Franklin

Remember Measure I, that enormous school bond we helped pass in 2015? Well, Franklin’s turn is finally coming! We’re starting our two-year period of planning and construction—approximately $3 million for improvements! And we need YOUR input to make sure we do it right.

Franklin needs interested parents and teachers to look at what was initially suggested for Franklin, what was eventually approved, and to prioritize the tasks.

Initial plans were “pie in the sky,” reflecting everything Franklin could imagine. In 2014, we narrowed those down for the final Measure I plans for Franklin, and those serve as a guideline, although they may need some updating. For example, the original plans called for a dedicated science lab, reflecting the science program that was in place at that time, but the school has since shifted to a Blended Learning model. Given such changes, we need to figure out which infrastructure changes we need most.

If you have any interest in this school improvement process, we need you! Committee members will get to work with architects, give input on planning, and help decide which changes will be given priority.

There will be four meetings in all: three meetings for discussion, and a fourth meeting to wrap up the architect’s plans. Those final plans will then be sent to the state for approval (which can take a long time). The meeting dates will be published soon.

This is your chance to shape the direction of Franklin for years to come!

If you’re interested, contact Principal Fetterly at

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