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Visions of a Reading Nook

If you’re new to Franklin, you may not be aware that Franklin’s Media Center is undergoing a major upgrade to better reflect the state’s recommendations for model school libraries and to make it a place that makes kids want to read.

This process started last year with a major fundraising effort for new books, periodicals, and online resources. Volunteers weeded old, tattered, and out-of-date books from the collection. Space-hogging desktop computers were removed in place of Chromebooks. The school district repainted and put down new carpeting. Best of all, we acquired 1,000 new books.

But the transformation isn’t complete! In addition to some shelving and design elements that have yet to be installed, those 1,000 books won’t just walk onto shelves on their own. In fact, Media Center teacher and librarian Ben Lundholm (better known as Mr. L), has calculated that it takes about 10 minutes to catalogue, label, and cover EACH BOOK. That’s 167 hours to prepare them all for circulation.

If you’re interested in getting these books ready for their debut, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Meghan Forder at

If you missed Mr. L.’s presentation at September’s PTA meeting, you can view an abbreviated version of his slideshow to see images of the old Media Center, what’s been done so far, what’s coming next, and examples of what a school library can be.

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