Meet Ms. Chirrick!

IMG_1789What is your hometown? 
Alameda, born and raised! I was born at Alameda Hospital, and attended Lum Elementary, Wood Middle School, and Alameda High.

How long have you been a teacher?
This is my seventh year as a teacher, my 17th year in education. I’ve taught second, third, and now kindergarten, and I’ve also been a principal. I love administration and teaching equally, but teaching is fantastic. And teaching at Franklin, the school where my daughter goes—it doesn’t get any better.

Where were you working before you started at Franklin?
I was the principal at Donlon Elementary in Pleasanton.

What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher?
I just love kids. That was one thing I missed in administration. In administration, you get to know a lot of the kids a little, but you get to know a little bit of the kids a lot as a teacher—you get to know them as individuals. I love seeing the spark, the light when they learn something.

Who most influenced you, and how?
My former supervisor Walt Hanline. He really believed in excellence in education. Two things that I’ll always remember: “You have enough money to do anything you want to do, just not everything you want to do.” You just have to basically focus it to the most important priorities. And “Always do what’s right for kids.”

What would your students be surprised to learn about you?
That I used to teach country-western dance lessons and compete! The kids might not be surprised, but the parents might be.

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