Franklin Morning Drop-Off

As you glide through your morning drop-off routine here at Franklin, you may not be aware that you are part of the premier morning drop-off program in the Alameda Unified School District.

“This school has become the model that other schools are looking at,” said Heather Little, Franklin’s Morning Drop-Off Coordinator. “We do it best here.”

This exemplary safety program doesn’t run itself. This year, the morning drop-off role fell to Heather after her leadership in Alameda’s In Town, Slow Down campaign. Now that her fifth grader is graduating, we’re looking for a volunteer to take the reins for next year.

Most of the work happens at the beginning of the year, when the Morning Drop-Off Coordinator and a team of more experienced parents manage drop off for the first two weeks, until the school’s parent roster is ready. These first few weeks are especially important for reminding new kindergarten parents that they can’t park in the white zone while they drop their child off—even if they’re in Dr. A’s class.

Once the roster is ready, the Coordinator schedules one class for duty each week of the school year, and sends a weekly email to remind the class of their week.

“It’s about as well-oiled a machine as we can get,” said Heather. All it requires is someone with good organizational skills who can spend about 20 minutes in the morning for the first two weeks of school. After that, the Coordinator doesn’t need to be there in person.

For those who don’t know, mornings used to be a mess at Franklin. Cars were left in the white zone, leaving children to dart from double-parked cars on both sides of the street, with several frightening near misses. Neighbors complained, and the police were frequent visitors.

But today, Franklin is the model. “A parent from Edison came last week to talk about how we do drop-off,” said Principal Jo Fetterly.

“It’s not a glorious position with the PTA,” Heather said, “but I think it’s one of the most important ones.”

If you can take on this essential safety position for our kids, please email Heather at

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