Volunteers Needed!

These glamorous, dynamic positions also sit on the PTA Executive Board, so you will be IN THE KNOW and at the center of the action. If you’d like to fill one of these essential positions, or if you know someone who would, please contact PTA president Cori Lucas at cori@franklinpta.org or PTA co-president Nancy Walker at […]

Measure I Comes to Franklin

Remember Measure I, that enormous school bond we helped pass in 2015? Well, Franklin’s turn is finally coming! We’re starting our two-year period of planning and construction—approximately $3 million for improvements! And we need YOUR input to make sure we do it right. Franklin needs interested parents and teachers to look at what was initially […]

Franklin Morning Drop-Off

As you glide through your morning drop-off routine here at Franklin, you may not be aware that you are part of the premier morning drop-off program in the Alameda Unified School District. “This school has become the model that other schools are looking at,” said Heather Little, Franklin’s Morning Drop-Off Coordinator. “We do it best […]

Franklin Heritage Night

One of the wonderful things about America, and about the Bay Area in particular, is that almost all of us have family origins that started someplace else. That’s an incredible blend of backgrounds, cultures, and cuisine. To celebrate this diversity, and to learn about cultures around the world, Franklin is hosting Heritage Night on Monday, […]

Let’s Go Way Back: The November PTA Meeting Replay

The Spotlight has been on hiatus since November, so read here to find out what you missed way back at that most recent PTA meeting. Budget The November PTA meeting kicked off with a budget approval, adding a bit of money to help pay off the final debt of the very successful Measure B-1 campaign […]

Pick a Middle School…Any Middle School

We here in Alameda have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to middle schools. It’s wonderful to have so many options, but the process of choosing the “right” school can be overwhelming. Of course, there’s no “right” school, and there’s no right way to pick that school. Ultimately, your criteria will reflect the needs […]

The Next Big PTA Thing

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to look at what we’ve accomplished for Franklin Elementary in the last two years, and to start thinking about what we can tackle next.                   2014-15: Media Center Renovation Two years ago, it was a sad state of affairs […]

What You Don’t Know About the Book Fair

Aaaaaargh! It’s a pirate theme this year at the Scholastic Book Fair, the pop-up bookstore that invaded the Franklin library last week. We asked the Franklin Media Center’s Ben Lundholm (better known as Mr. L.) for the inside scoop on why we do the Book Fair. He gave us six ways the Scholastic Book Fair benefits our kids: “We […]