September 2016 PTA News

The school year isn’t the only thing that’s new at Franklin Elementary. We’ve got a fresh coat of paint, stunning new mosaics, and even a new day for the morning assembly (it’s on Wednesdays now).

As always, the PTA Monthly Newsletter has the information you need to start your year off right. Find out what you missed at the first PTA meeting of the year. Learn what you need to know—and DO—for Measure B1. Meet Ms. Cohen, our new 4th grade teacher. And more!

Aw, we really missed you guys. Come on in!

stickerSeptember PTA Replay
We had nearly 30 people and an enormous plate of pastries donated by Jay’s Café at our first PTA meeting of the year. The pastries have been eaten, but everything else you missed is right here.
14232544_1194475437276020_7793480387359920235_nMeasure B1
By now you’re probably bored to tears by all the talk about Measure B1. But this is SO important that I couldn’t drop the newsletter without a short overview about what it is, and what you can do to help.
Introducing…Ms. Cohen!newteach_announce-300x172
When Franklin Elementary needed a new teacher for the 4th grade, she turned out to be just about in our own backyard! Get to know Ms. Cohen!
volunteerVolunteer Opportunities
Walk-a-Thon, Book Fair, Spooktacular, Snowflake Shop—guys, it’s a smorgasborg of volunteer opportunities. We need you!
imgres-2Mark Your Calendars
The PTA Calendar has everything from events to minimum days to the 2016-17 vacation schedule. Sync it to your calendar now!