November PTA News

In honor of Thanksgiving, that most sincere and delicious of holidays, we’re taking this month to reflect on what we’re thankful for. At the top of the list: the parents and teachers who make up the Franklin PTA.

There’s plenty more to be thankful for right now at Franklin Elementary: Ability Awareness week, teacher conferences, and exciting new volunteer opportunities. Read all about it!

Ability Awareness Week
We’re thankful for Jill Gorman and Christy Sawler for organizing this year’s Ability Awareness Week, and for the community of families and volunteers who make it happen!
Parent_Teacher_Conference The Best Parent-Teacher Conference Ever!
We are always thankful for a chance to talk with our child’s teacher! But not so thankful for the six questions we realize we forgot to ask as soon as we walk out the door. Learn how to maximize your time with the teacher.
images-1 Volunteers Needed! Ability Awareness Week, Snowflake Shoppe, and the Franklin Auction
We’re especially grateful for volunteers, and there are plenty of opportunities to help in the coming weeks. Can you craft? Can you sell crafts? Can you run an Ability Awareness station? Help with the auction? We need you!
images-2 Talking to Kids about Tragedy
Many kids have picked up bits about last week’s attacks in Paris from newspaper headlines, TV news, parent conversations, or talk on the playground. It can be hard for parents to know how to talk to kids about such tragedies. This article from Common Sense Media explains how much to say and how to say it.
ability awareness 2 (1) Easy Ways to Give for the Whole Family
From Toys for Tots to One Warm Coat, this year Franklin Elementary is making it easy to give. We have two ways you can help throughout the holidays.