October PTA News

It’s that time of year again, when darkness falls ever earlier and young children’s thoughts turn to zombies, grinning pumpkin heads, and the infamous Candy Cannon.

This month’s PTA newsletter is a veritable trick-or-treat bag of goodies, with a report on the incredible success of our first-ever Walk-a-Thon, an update on Blended Learning from Monday’s PTA meeting, a profile of new third-grade teacher Ms. Silva, and more!

October is a busy month at Franklin, and we’ve got it covered. So read on…if you dare!

IMG_1796 Walk-a-Thon: Fundraising Success!
They came…they walked…they blew the lid off the fundraising goals for Franklin’s first Walk-a-Thon! Franklin kids took to the streets for the very first school walk-a-thon, and man, did those kids move.
images-3 Innovative Program Update
At the October PTA meeting on Monday, Mr. L. and Ms. Norman gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the professional development going on for Franklin’s Blended Learning program. If you missed the meeting, get the scoop here.
IMG_1818 Meet Ms. Silva!
You may have known her as Franklin’s math coach last year. This year, Ms. Silva is teaching third grade. Get to know Therese Silva.
imgres-3 One, Two, Math is Coming for You
Does helping your child with math give you the heebie-jeebies? Adding this kind of math to your bedtime routine can improve your kids’ math achievement, especially if you’re a little math-phobic yourself.
images-1 Volunteer Opportunities
We’ve got two big events happening just this week at Franklin—the Book Fair and Spooktacular—and both could use volunteers for day and evening hours.