The Next Big PTA Thing

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to look at what we’ve accomplished for Franklin Elementary in the last two years, and to start thinking about what we can tackle next.

Before: The Media Center before renovation

After: The new-and-improved media center










2014-15: Media Center Renovation
Two years ago, it was a sad state of affairs in the Franklin library. With tattered old books, half-painted walls, and a line of desktop computers that sliced the space in half, it did not inspire a love for literature.

And then Mr. L came along with a vision of what our media center could be—and parents like you helped the PTA turn that vision into a reality.

The result is more than 1,000 new books on new bookshelves and an open floor plan with room to access online encyclopedias from Chromebooks. There’s new furniture in a cozy reading nook, with decorations, a smart board, and colorful sit spots for the kids. Our efforts inspired the district to chip in with a new carpet and a fresh coat of paint.

At last, it’s a room that makes kids want to read, and it’s all thanks to you.

A new tile mosaic

2015-16: School Beautification
Last year, it was time to tackle the appearance of other parts of the school. Former Franklin PTA president Page Tomblin did a lot of the legwork, successfully lobbying the district to repaint the outside.

The money raised by the PTA took beautification to the next level. It paid for the tile mosaics, new cabinets for the Multipurpose Room, and the new Franklin sign and message board at the corner of San Antonio and Paru streets. Now Franklin looks as good on the outside as it feels on the inside.

2016-17: ???
At our last PTA meeting, way back in November, we held a quick brainstorm session about what the PTA project could be for this year. Here’s what members came up with:

  • A new play structure (the PTA could contribute funds toward a district-sponsored structure)
  • Sunshades for the playground, now that our oak trees have died
  • An upgrade for our stairwell tree
  • A community garden
  • Improved outside lunch options
  • An outdoor classroom space
  • New P.E. equipment
  • Musical instruments, including recorders for the 4th and 5th graders, and a set of guitars for 5th graders

If you have any great ideas about what our school needs, come to the next PTA meeting on Monday February 13, where we’ll talk some more and figure out what we can fund at the Franklin auction in April. In the meantime, if you have any great ideas, send them to or

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