Odyssey of the Mind


Franklin’s Odyssey of the Mind teams! Standing: Olivia Baltutis, Tyus Arnold, Theo Wilson, Shane Kueny, Calvin Foltz, Kelvin* Stuart, Vivian Will, Maxwell* Stuart, Logan Song, Seated: Peyton Roloff, Taylor Roloff, Phoebe Neff-Cooper

With all the auction activity the last couple of months, we haven’t yet recognized Franklin Elementary’s two Odyssey of the Mind teams! These third and fifth graders competed with more than 150 other schools in the San Francisco Bay Regional Tournament this past February.

Odyssey of the Mind is a kid-driven competition that rewards creativity. Each team is given a problem to solve together. The kids on the team come up with all the ideas, write a script, and build the props they need, all within a set budget. Parents can only guide, they can’t do any of the work.

Franklin’s two teams worked on their projects since October, spending several hours each Sunday and adding Wednesday practices as the competition drew closer.

Franklin third graders Phoebe Neff-Cooper, Taylor Roloff, Logan Song, Kelvin Stuart, Maxwell Stuart, and Vivian Will formed a Division IA team for the theme of “Furs, Fins, Feathers, and Friends.” They had to solve a problem involving three animals that help a stranger, help each other, and help the survival of all animals. In their presentation, they encountered a door, and disagreed about where the door leads.

This was the group’s first time competing in Division 1, pitting them against other third through fifth graders from around the Bay Area.

Franklin fifth graders Tyus Arnold, Olivia Baltutis, Calvin Foltz, Shane Kueny, Peyton Roloff, and Theo Wilson competed in Division I with a problem called “Something Fishy.” Their presentation focused on a short-term problem related to fishing for different types of catch: unexpected catch, expected catch, and a new discovery.

The fifth graders scored number one in the Spontaneous Problem portion of the competition, where they had to come up with creative answers to a spontaneous issue.

Congratulations to all of the Odyssey of the Mind participants!


*Apologies if I’ve mixed up Kelvin and Maxwell in this photo.

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