School Smarts

The School Smarts academy is designed to help parents learn very tangible ways to help their children and school succeed.

This seven-week program is being offered in partnership with AUSD and the California State PTA to give parents a better understanding of how public schools are operated, funded, and organized to serve children.

The materials are translated into multiple languages and interpretation is offered. Childcare and dinner is provided. There is no cost to attend.

The seven-week sessions cover the following topics:

  • The most effective types of family involvement in today’s public school system
  • How to adapt to the individual learning needs of different children
  • What your child is learning at each grade level
  • Who does what and why at state, regional, and local levels
  • Understanding how PTA, SSC, and ELAC groups enrich the school community
  • Becoming an effective communicator with your child and their school
  • Grassroots advocacy for your school and community
  • And more!

Who benefits from this program?

  • Parents who want to know how to navigate the public school system
  • English Language Development (ELD) families who are new to the country or to the American school system
  • TK and Kindergarten families who are new to the public education system
  • Families from higher grades that want research-proven ways to support their child’s education

To register, go to or sign up in the Franklin office!

Learn more about Alameda Unified School District’s PTA School Smarts Academy Program.