Go Green

The Franklin Go Green Committee promotes ways to protect our planet both at school and at home. Through educational efforts, student and family engagement activities, and identifying ways to change our habits, we work to find ways to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our programs include:

  • Walking and Wheeling Wednesday – Burn calories—not carbon, when you walk, bike, skate, or scoot to school on Wednesdays. Spare the air on Wednesdays and through our Franklin , promoting walking and biking to school through Walking and Wheeling Wednesdays. The committee members are active in supporting the lunchroom green waste program to help divert two-thirds of the lunchroom waste from landfill to recycling and compost.
  • Lunchroom Waste Recycling – Franklin provides bins for Compost, Recycling, and Landfill in the lunchroom.

Chair: Guy Cutting