PTA Executive Board: New Members, Open Positions

imgresFirst, a huge thank you to the parents who have already stepped up to serve on next year’s PTA Executive Board.

As you know, the PTA is responsible for financing field trips, assemblies, and the art docent program, among other key pieces of our kids’ education. To do all of this takes a strong leadership group to recruit members, raise money, manage the budget, and coordinate with the teachers and Ms. Fetterly.

Here are the members of the Franklin PTA Executive Board for the 2016-17 school year:

President: Cori Lucas
Co-president: Nancy Walker
Treasurer: Steven Song
Secretary: Kendall Barnett
VP of Membership: Jessica Florey
VP of Hospitality: Tara Etayo
VP of Fundraising: Jennifer Roloff

But we’re not done! We still have four more positions to fill for the next school year. Training and instructions are available through the PTA for all of these positions, so don’t be afraid to learn on the job! The open positions are:

The Auditor performs semi-annual audits of the PTA’s financial records, ensuring that books and records maintained by the PTA are accurate and that PTA funds are being used appropriately.

The Historian keeps a record of the activities and achievements of the PTA, collects volunteer hours, and completes an annual Historian Report for the PTA.

Vice President Legislation
The VP of Legislation attends school board meetings as necessary to advocate for our students and keeps PTA members informed of issues in local or state government that affect our school and our community.

The Parliamentarian ensures that the PTA is conducting meetings according to its bylaws and makes sure everyone is heard.

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