Replay: March School Site Council and PTA Meetings

IMG_0508There’s so much going on at Franklin Elementary—both the School Site Council meeting and the March PTA meeting were bursting with news. Read all about it!

School Site Council Meeting, March 2, 2016

For those who don’t know much about the School Site Council, they’re a group of teachers and parents who, along with Principal Fetterly, administers the school’s discretionary budget.

Attending this month’s meeting were Ben Lundholm (Mr. L, Media Center), Darlene Norman (5th grade), Jodi Walovich (3rd grade), Emily Pieri (1st grade), Principal Jo Fetterly, office manager Kristen Sagen, and parents Tara Etayo and John Baum.

Principal’s Report
Media Center: The media center is looking great. There are two quotes on the walls, beautiful alphabetical dividers, and stitched paper garland made by PTA Co-president Cori Lucas.

At long last, the new bookshelves are in under the windows. They look wonderful, although they are too short. The bottom of the two-level shelves is too small to accommodate upright books. Fortunately, Mr. L has made them work, with books laid on their sides on the lower shelf.

The library also received new blinds to replace the old damaged ones over the glass block windows.

New Hires: Franklin has a few new staff members, some of whom you may already know.

  • Tim Smith is the new head custodian at Franklin Elementary.
  • Joan Pon has taken the position of paraprofessional at Franklin Elementary. She’ll be helping Franklin teachers to allow for more small-group attention.
  • Nancy Walker will be providing reading intervention for kindergarteners and first graders. Ms. Walker started in this position at the beginning of the last school year, before being drafted to teach the 2/3 combo class.

All Day Kindergarten: Kindergarten is going ALL DAY next year. Starting in the 2016-17 school year, the kindergarten day will match the schedule for the rest of the grades, with a 2:50 p.m. dismissal time (1:50 p.m. on Wednesdays).

2016-17 Planning: Ms. Fetterly is planning for three first grades, as our three kindergartens advance, which will maintain Franklin’s total of 13 full-time teachers next year.

School Improvement: Measure I, the school-improvement bond measure passed in 2014, is starting to come through for Franklin School. In the front office, the district will provide new paint, office furniture, and cabinets to replace the decades-old collection currently in place.

The district will also be painting Franklin School this summer! The word from the district is that we may have a choice in the color palette, beyond the beige and green that’s been the standard.

Innovative Plan Update
Mr. L presented a look at what the teachers have been doing with their eight Blended Learning Professional Development half-days this year. These meetings, guided by Mr. L as the Blended Learning coach, have been indispensable to the teachers.

The teachers will need a new waiver to continue with the professional development half days next year. Although these days can be an inconvenience for parents, they are essential for teachers to learn how to use blended learning in their classroom.

“The collaboration time has been so crucial,” said Ms. Pieri, pointing out that the coaching she received during the teacher development days helped her create a class website. Read more about Mr. L’s presentation in this month’s Innovative Plan Update.


PTA Meeting, March 14, 2016

Innovative Plan
Mr. L continued his Blended Learning world tour with a presentation at the March PTA meeting. For details about his presentation and how the Franklin teachers have been using their Innovative Plan professional development days, check out this month’s Innovative Plan Update.

Executive Board Nominees
Tara Etayo presented the list of nominees for next year’s PTA Executive Board, introducing the fabulous Nancy Walker (Ms. Walker to those of you who know her as a Franklin teacher and reading instructor) as next year’s PTA Co-president. For a complete list of nominees for next year’s board and the open positions that you could fill, see this month’s article on the 2016-17 PTA Executive Board.

The PTA approved the contract for the DJ for Hot Havana Nights.

The online auction went live on March 17. Auction Chairperson Jennifer Roloff reminded parents that the committee is still accepting donations. Click here for everything you need to know about the online and live Franklin auction.

Treasurer Brad Whalen reported that the Franklin PTA continues to have more money than we have spent, which is always good news.

Campus Improvement
Page Tomblin reported on the campus improvement efforts at Franklin.

In addition to repainting the outside of the school this summer and providing new front-office furniture, the district will be replacing lights in the front hall and improving the boys’ bathroom.

Falcon Funding options in the auction will give parents a chance to donate directly to school beautification efforts. Money will go to projects like the tile mosaics planned for the elevator shaft by the drinking fountains and the outside corner of Paru and San Antonio streets. We’ll also be getting a new Franklin sign on that corner, with the school’s name and a message board, as well as locking shelves in the Multipurpose Room for a clean, uniform look.

Finally, Saturday, May 14, will be Franklin Beautification Day! Parents and kids can help with basic maintenance and gardening jobs, and your child can help create one of the tile mosaics.

Mark it on your calendars!

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