Room Parents

Being a Room Parent is a great way to support your child’s teacher and engage parents from your child’s class in the Franklin Community.  Room parents play a pivotal role in fostering the spirit of volunteerism and community here at Franklin.  So what do room parents do?  There are some baseline tasks and the rest varies by teacher.

Working with the class parents:

  • Helping to capture parent contact information for your class roster.  This information is used both within your classroom, and for the school-wide directory.  The Room Parent uses this to create an email list of class parents for communication throughout the year. This is a crucial part of information distribution.
  • Encouraging your classroom parents to join the PTA.
  • Organize class parents to “Adopt” the classroom through the Alameda Education Foundation’s “Adopt a Classroom” program.  Sometimes a family will step forward and adopt the class, or adoption is accomplished through contributions from each family in the class.  We try to have all classrooms adopted by November 1st.
  • Forward emails to your class about school events and issues.
  • Organize an end of the year picnic with the other room parents in your grade.  This involves either collecting $5 per student and then purchasing food, or doing a potluck.  Class picnics are the last week of school at Franklin Park.
  •  Organize volunteers for Teacher Appreciation Week – usually in May.  This typically involves decorating the classroom door and presenting the teacher with small gifts throughout the week.  The PTA will provide a schedule of events.
  •  Most classes collect money for an end of the year gift for their teacher.
  • Some classes like to have off-campus gatherings – family potlucks, parents night out, etc.  Simply making the suggestion often gets the ball rolling.
  • Attend PTA meetings if possible.

While the above seems like a lot, we know one person is not expected to do this job alone.  Encouraging others to join in and help brings your class together and engages more people in the community.

Working with your teacher on how they’d like to handle:

  • Recruiting & scheduling of classroom volunteers & replacements.
  • Materials and volunteer requests for classroom parties and projects
  • Recruiting field trip chaperones.
  • Class project to donate to Auction.
  • Other various things the teacher may need.

*Special note for 4th Grade Room Parents: It is a Franklin tradition for the 4th Grade parents to organize the 5th Grade Graduation ceremony, thereby freeing the 5th Grade parents to enjoy the day with their child.