Volunteers Needed!

These glamorous, dynamic positions also sit on the PTA Executive Board, so you will be IN THE KNOW and at the center of the action. If you’d like to fill one of these essential positions, or if you know someone who would, please contact PTA president Cori Lucas at cori@franklinpta.org or PTA co-president Nancy Walker at nancy@franklinpta.org.

PTA Co-President
This is the MOST important position of them all. For the first year of this two-year term, you will work with Nancy Walker, our current PTA co-president, who will show you the ropes. You’ll meet with Principal Fetterly regularly, and check in with committee chairs. This is your chance to make the biggest difference here at Franklin.

The Parliamentarian cracks the whip, ensuring that the PTA is conducting meetings according to its bylaws and that everyone is heard.

Financial Secretary
The financial secretary essentially counts the money that comes in to the PTA, takes it to the bank, and delivers the deposit slip to our Treasurer, Steven Song.

VP of Legislation
The VP of Legislation attends school board meetings as necessary to advocate for our students and keeps PTA members informed of issues in local or state government that affect our school and our community.


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